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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q : Is Cash On Delivery (COD) payment available now?
A : We have not COD payment at the moment. We will deliver your order after your payment confirmation.

Q : Boxjourney still has free shipping?
A : Free shipping whole the year 2022. Thailand only.

Q : How long will Boxjourney 'Temporarily Out Of Stock' products take to arrive?
A : Due to the long-standing coronavirus impacts paper shortages around the world. Boxjourney is therefore able to produce only certain products. We apologize for any inconvenience with this issues. If any product has a plan to produce, a forecast date ready for sale will be displayed on our website.

Q : Why COVID-19 pandemic impacts to price increasing?
A : Due to the global covid situation, international shipping delays are a problem. Normally, paper in Thailand is imported from Europe and China. This is a cause of paper shortages that we use to make boxes The actual cost of goods is higher and China limited amoung of the export of paper.

Q : Price has been included VAT?
A : All of our product price are included VAT. You will see VAT detail in the invoice and no more charging.

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