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Privacy Policy

Box Journey Value the customer's personal information, so Box Journey Therefore, it is considered practice that Box Journey will collect and use information related to you Only for the entities set out in this Privacy Policy. Box Journey It stores only the information necessary for doing so. and will only store information related to business dealings between you and Box Journey.

The Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and disclose (in some cases) personal data. Finally, this policy describes the options you can make regarding your own disclosure. your access to the website, both directly and indirectly. You are immediately deemed to have accepted the policies of Box Journey. The protection of your personal information is like your trust in Box Journey. And it's a boxer thing. always attach importance So the boxer Therefore, we will only use some of your information, including your name and other information. related Only in accordance with the privacy policy set by Box Journey.

Box Journey will retain your information for as long as required by law. or for a period of time according to the purpose of collecting that information You can visit and surf our website without providing any personal information. Throughout your visit to our website you will remain anonymous. and cannot be identified until you register an account with BoxJourney and have logged in with your own account name and password If you have an opinion Suggestions or Comments You can contact us via 02-9619177-8 , 0839665192 , 0895595192 Box Journey Call Center or via email

Data storage

When you create an account with Box Journey or provide your personal information through the website Box Journey information Stored may include various information. these of you "Name-surname, address/place of delivery, ID number/taxpayer identification number (corporate), email, contact number, mobile phone number, date of birth, gender, etc."

You must supply the information to the Box Journey. Box Journey's authorized representative Or delivered to the website only and such information must be information that true and complete and does not cause any misunderstandings You will need to keep your information current and notify Box Journey. Information about changes (details in terms of conditions below) We reserve the right to request additional documents. to verify that the information you have provided is correct If you choose not to submit your personal information to BoxJourney or choose to revoke your consent to the use of your personal data Box Journey Box Journey services may not be available to you.

If you have supplied third party information to BoxJourney Box Journey You will be deemed to have obtained consent or permission from third parties involved to disclose and deliver that personal information. to the boxer

If you apply to order products with Box Journey via social media accounts (Social Media) or connecting accounts Box Journey with your social media accounts or use other social media of Box Journey Box Journey may access information about you that you voluntarily provide to your social media account through the respective social media provider under its policies. of the service provider Box Journey We will handle the personal information you receive in accordance with Box Journey's Privacy Policy.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Box Journey will be used or transmitted to third parties (including related companies external service providers) whose personal information at the Box Journey received from you For the benefit of all or part of the business as follows:

  • To operate or support the provision of services and/or use of the services on the website.
  • To process your order through the website, your payment through the website for the product.
  • For the delivery of products that you have purchased through the website. Box Journey may pass on your personal data to third parties in order to deliver the products to you. (e.g. send to our shipping operators or distributors)
  • To inform you about the delivery of goods.
  • To compare information and check with third parties to ensure its accuracy.

Also, Box Journey The information you provide will be used to manage your work account you have with BoxJourney (if applicable), to review and manage financial transactions in connection with payments you have made through BoxJourney. internet or online To monitor downloads of information from the website, to develop the map, layout and content of the pages of the website, and to customize it for users. to identify the user for statistical analysis and user behavior to deliver information at the Box Journey It is expected that it will be useful to you or that you have requested from Box Journey, including information about Box Journey products and services. unless you have declined to be contacted for such purposes

Box Journey Please submit your personal information including name, address and telephone number. to a third party in the event of delivery of goods such as providing information to freight forwarding companies When you have subscribed to the service with Box Journey or have submitted your personal information via the website Box Journey will use your personal information to send you marketing news and promotions about our products or services on various occasions You may opt-out of receiving such marketing and promotional information at any time. By using the system to unsubscribe from the information contained in the marketing and promotional information at the end of the letter at the box journey sent to the person who delivered it Box Journey Your contact information may be used to send newsletters from Box Journey. or from a related company of Box Journey and in the case of exceptions and box journeys have been asked to disclose personal information for example, where there is a ground to believe that such disclosure may prevent Fraud in online transactions for law enforcement purposes or compliance with laws, rules, regulations or any other request

Your payment will be made by a Box Journey representative. You can pay for the product through a Box Journey representative. only one way according to the payment information clearly displayed on the website You must follow the payment process and notify the box journey. every time when there is progress or changes have occurred Your purchase information will be collected in the Box Journey system. but for reasons of strict data retention Box Journey therefore unable to retrieve your order information directly However, you can directly access this information yourself. Just log in to the website with your own account. You will be able to view all your processed orders, both pending and awaiting delivery. You can manage settings. or change the delivery location information bank information and receiving newsletters by yourself However, you will need to keep the information used for logging in and personal information in your account. The user is confidential so that such information cannot be passed to any third party. Boxger cannot be held liable for any damages. that happens with logins that do not conform to the validity. If the damage is not caused by the box journey

Update your personal information

You can update your personal information at any time. Just log in with your account on the website.

Requests to delete personal data

You can request that your personal data be deleted at any time. The employees can be notified through the following channels.

  • Tel. 02-9619177-8, 0839665192, 0895595192
  • Email :
  • Facebook
  • Line id: @boxjourney

Revocation of consent

You may submit an objection to the use or disclosure of your personal information for various entities. or for the purposes listed above. to Box Journey at any time by contacting Box Journey via the email listed above Please note that if you have submitted an objection to the use or disclosure of your personal data for various entities. or for the purposes listed above. depending on the circumstances of the objection Box Journey may not be in a position to deliver goods or services to you or perform a contract with you; Box Journey Legal rights and remedies are expressly reserved in the event that Box Journey Failure to deliver goods or services to you or perform contractual obligations to you arising out of such objection.

Security of your personal information

Box Journey We assure you that all information collected will be stored securely. We protect your personal information by Uses 128-bit SSL (Security Socket Layer) encryption technology when processing financial details. which is the standard of this industry as well

If you have reason to believe that your privacy has been violated Please contact us via 02-9619177-8 , 0839665192 , 0895595192 Box Journey Call Center.

Box Journey or the authorized service providers may use programs, cookies (Cookies) or other programs. similar to store data to help Box Journey can provide better, safer service and for your privacy. when you use the service and/or access the website by when you visit the website, the servers (Servers) of the Box Journey It will automatically recognize and save the information sent by your browser. These information may include

  • IP address The IP address of your computer.
  • Your browser type.
  • The web page that you accessed before you entered. our website
  • The website pages you visit on the website.
  • The amount of time you spend viewing the said website. The product or information you searched for Date of visit and other statistical data This information is collected for analysis and evaluation to help us improve our website, services and products.

Cookies are small text files. placed on the memory of your browser or on your device. When you visit a website or browse a message This program will help Box Journey. Can recognize a specific device or browser. and help Box Journey Content can be tailored to your personal interests faster. and help make the service more comfortable and beneficial to you

Disclosure of personal information

Box Journey will not disclose any personal information yours with third parties or other organizations Other than the Box Journey family of companies, there may be special circumstances at Box Journey. may be asked to disclose information about you The necessary actions must be taken in the event that the safety of the welfare, life and body of another person may be affected. or have legal enforcement

Privacy Policy Changes

Box Journey Have the right to change and amend this Privacy Policy at any time. and any changes will appear on the Box Journey website.

Box Journey rights

You acknowledge and agree Give Box Journey and other members Box Journey Can disclose and exchange your personal information with legal authorities. supervisory agency government agency tax authority law enforcement agencies and other agencies related or owners of rights related If there is a reason to give Box Journey believe that disclosure of your personal information is necessary for the performance of duties responsibility management and agreement whether voluntary or coerced For the purpose of cooperating with various orders, investigations and/or requests of that agency under the enforcement of relevant laws and/or disclose and exchange your personal information to the boxer any related entity (meaning the company holding shares in Box Journey or any company at Box Journey Holdings include companies that are further owned by Box Journey. as mentioned above) as appropriate for the benefit of the service. notification or inform other news You agree not to sue or take any action against Box Journey. and waive any other rights Box Journey that may arise from the disclosure of your personal information


If you have any dissatisfaction with the privacy policy We believe that we do not deal satisfactorily with your privacy rights, make any comments or complaints. Please contact the Customer Service Center. 02-9619177-8,0839665192,0895595192 Boxjourney Call Center or via email

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