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Chiffon Cake Box, Red Polka Dots

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Product Code :
Pc(s)/Pack :
20 pc./pack
Size :

W 15 x L 15 x H 5 cm

Description :

Chiffon Cake Box, Red Polka Dots | Size 6.25 x, 2 IN (W 15 x L 15 x H 5 cm) | Each pack contains 20 pieces

Available :
55 pack
฿120.00 /pack
Product Description
Product Review

Chiffon Cake Box, Red Polka Dots

Size 6 x 6 x 2 inches (width 15 x length 15 x height 5 cm)

You can load bakery or food into this PVC food grade coated box without using additional liner or base.

This item is made of good quality food grade paper with FDA certification that is safe for contacting food. This box is printed with soy ink.

This box is good for containing bakery, brownie, chiffon cake, cookies, etc.

Each pack contains 20 pieces/design.

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Chiffon Cake Box, Red Polka Dots  | Size 6.25 x, 2 IN (W 15 x L 15 x H 5 cm)

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